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Getting Fit with the Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch



I love gadgets and if they can help with fitness even better.  Last week I got a Samsung Gear S3 Classic smartwatch and already I love it and can’t imagine my day without it. However did I manage without one?

I particularly like the Samsung Health app, I can track everything from steps taken, sleep and floors climbed you know the usual fitbit type stats, I can track water and caffeine intake, heartrate, stress and spo2 levels.  It can track lots of different types of exercise, I use the walking one and it tracks my whole walk including a map of the route I have taken and gives me encouragement along the way.

gear stats

I have a desk job so my day is fairly sedentary, if I don’t move for 50 minutes my gear encourages me to get up out of my chair and either walk or do some stretching exercises.  I generally get up and do a lap of the office.  I think that has also helped my eyes.  Because I have very poor vision I suffer with eye strain and headaches, getting away from the computer every hour even for a minute or two really seems to be helping.  I probably look like a nutter just walking a lap around the office but hey it’s doing me good so who cares what anyone thinks!

The layout of the watch is very intuitive and its bright and colourful screen is easy to read and its fun to look at my stats.  I have also uploaded music and audio books to the watch so with my Bluetooth earphones I can listen to books or music on my walks without having to lug my phone along.

I have a few other apps on there like My Fitness Pal to keep a track of my macros and a few other interesting miscellaneous apps to keep me amused.  I wasn’t sure if I would use the watch to its full capabilities but now I have it I am using everything.  I really feel like I am getting good value out of it.  I really like Samsung Pay, and I love how your phone notifications, emails and texts go to it.  I was worried about reading the small screen size but it has been great, it’s really easy to read.  The other day my partner and I were in the car and my mother in law called, my phone was in the back of the car and being in my partners car it didn’t come through the Bluetooth so I answered it and spoke on my gear.  Wow it was good; it was loud and clear with no distortion.  This thing can actually take/make phone calls as long as your phone is within range.  How cool is that!

It also takes a 22mm watch band so you can change the strap to suit you and really make it your own.  This is a really good feature as most smart watches take the manufacturer’s branded bands that could cost a fortune to change.  For example I know of someone who got an Apple watch strap and it cost $200 from the apple store, I got the same type of band for $16 and it was virtually impossible to tell them apart in terms of quality.  So it’s a pretty big deal being able to shop around and use any brand of strap.

I have convinced my partner to buy one too so I am looking forward to doing some challenges together which should be fun.

Well I think you have guessed, yes I love my Gear S3, its brilliant.  It’s fairly large but that suits me with my bad vision.  Actually I don’t think it looks too big on my wrist at all, it just looks very very cool!

Well my Gear is telling me to move my butt so off I go …….



Finally Getting Some Decent Weight Loss


IMG_20170704_144345_821I have been struggling for so long to lose the weight that I have gained from my medication and the associated appetite gain.  I think over the last three or four years I have probably gained around 30 kilos.

Finally I have cracked it …. Low Carb!  I have been low carbing it for a while now and although the weight is coming off slowly, the point is it’s coming off and I am not gaining every week like I was before.

It feels so good to feel my clothes get looser and to fit in stuff that I haven’t been able to wear for several years.

My diet now consists of meat and vegetables/salad and some cheese.  I haven’t found that I am too hungry as I have been also drinking over 2 litres of water a day.  I have given up milk and now drink black coffee which took some getting used to!

I am also doing intermittent fasting.  I do a 16 hour fast every week day, sometimes I have breakfast at the weekend but in the week I generally break my fast at 12 pm for lunch and don’t eat after 8 pm.  I am finding that this is really working well for me and I am getting into the routine of when I can eat.

We are slightly adjusting our eating plan at the weekend to include some beans and lentils so I will see how that goes next week.

Also I think it has helped to open an Instagram account just for my diet and weight loss.  I have followed a heap of people that are on the same type of eating plan and we share tips and recipes.  This social interaction keeps me motivated which is a big part of the struggle.

Well I am about half way there so that is amazing progress.  The good thing is my partner is eating the same food and we are losing weight together.

I am getting a transplant surgery very soon and I want my mind, body and emotional health to be the best it can.

Cyclophosphamide Chemo for Scleritis – Eye inflammation & Pain



Over two years on and my scleritis is still flaring continuously and at times is extremely painful.  I have failed prednisone, rituximab, metrotrexate and azathioprine treatments.

My doctors have brought out the really big guns this time, I have just been started on 100mg Cyclophosphamide daily.  Already I am feeling nauseous so I know this isn’t going to be good.

Before taking the med I was reading up on it because I like to be informed about what i’m taking and the side effects are horrific.  If the only thing that happens to me is I get nauseous and lose my hair I will be doing ok!  Yes you can even lose your hair at low doses.  One of the common side effects that is concerning me a bit is that you can get really bad cystitis and blood in the urine.  Because the drug is so toxic it can’t sit in your bladder you have to keep drinking and peeing to keep it clear.  It can’t be taking at night because it cant sit in your bladder for that long.

Well this is day 1 of the treatment, I have to go for fortnightly blood tests and see my rhumatologist again in 6 weeks.  Lets hope this works!

By the way another side effect is appetite loss, I really hope I get that one because I have medication induced weight gain and I am desperate to get some off.  I will be really happy if I get that one!

Will keep you updated, have a good weekend.


Feeling Fat & Pissed Off



I have been on an amazing gluten free eating plan this week courtesy of You Foodz.  The meals have been fresh, healthy and very tasty.  We started off with the GF detox plan which consists of their cleanest and leanest meals.

Now you would think that I would have lost some weight this week,  after all my partner has lost 2 kilos – fabulous.  So what have I done, absolutely nothing, a big fat zero.  I am so pissed off, I am trying my hardest here, I am eating great and counting every single calorie that goes into my mouth.

Here’s where the problem lies, Psych Meds,  Steroids and Chemotherapy.  I am stuffed before I even start and today I am feeling sad, angry and pissed off.  I want to cry and wail that it’s not fair, and it’s not, it sucks.  Yeah yeah I know that it could be worse and I’m not that badly off in the whole scheme of things but right now at this very moment it’s not fair.

What can I do about it?  I dunno, I need my meds so stopping them isn’t an option.  Any ideas?

Souping & Bipolar



Well one day of my soup diet is under my belt and I went really well.   Didn’t suffer from any real hunger pains and the soup that I ate satisfied me.

Day 1
Breakfast – naval orange
Lunch – pumpkin soup
Snack – pear
Dinner- tomato, capsicum and bean soup

Chuck a couple of coffees in there too (can’t break all of my habits in 1 day!), and that was my day.

So, as that is a radically different diet to what I’m used to does anyone think it will affect my mental health?  I am pretty good mentally right now but I am hoping that an improved diet and some weight loss will make me even better.   My self esteem will definately get better.  I can’t see any reason why my mental health would suffer from eating this way, so as us aussies say, she’ll be right!

I have red lentil and bacon soup for dinner tonight, doesn’t look the best, rather like a brown sludge, but I think it tastes ok.  Hope so anyway or I will be down the take away! (Joking lol).  Maybe I should eat it with my eyes shut!

It’s true, You Are What You Eat



Love this quote.   I am really appreciating putting good wholesome, fresh, clean food into my body.  By eating clean I am giving my body every opportunity to heal itself and rid itself of the excess weight it is carrying around.

I am feeling energized and positive, I can’t wait to see a result on the scales, I am very excited for myself and my partner – we are on this journey together and we will be strong and celebrate every successful day.

A New Gadget (Soup Maker)



Yesterday, I got a Kambrook soup maker in preparation for my soup diet.   I am so happy with it.  

Today I made pumpkin and bacon (smooth) and tomato, capsicum and bean (chunky).  It was so easy,  I just cut up all the veggies etc,  put them in the soup maker with the stock and 21 minutes later out came the most delicious soups.  it was no effort at all.


The machine was really easy to clean too, nothing stuck to it.  I washed it out with warm soapy water,  rinsed and dried, it only took a couple of minutes.

So we are having soup for lunch and dinner all next week to try and lose a couple of kilos.   No snacks or naughty stuff, just a piece of fruit to go with our smaller lunch time serve of soup. Surely we will lose some weight just eating wholesome soups made out of fresh veggies,  beans and grains. 

We will of course be walking most nights too.  We committed to that when we got our new Fitbits a couple of weeks ago.

I have to remember to weigh myself in the morning,  I always forget then could kick myself because I don’t know how much weight I lose,  if any. I am sure I will remember because I am excited about it!  I think I will measure myself as well.

I watched a show about juicing a couple of weeks ago and the guy who was doing it cured his auto immune disease by cutting out processed and junk food.  I am hoping by eating clean and wholesome veggies I can help my auto immune disease (scleritis). It would be so great if I could reduce the symptoms or get rid of it completely just by clean eating.

I can highly recommend the Kambrook soup maker,  I am really happy with it.

A Healthy Soup Diet



We are going to be eating a lot of soup next week.  I have been thinking about weight loss and I reckon that soup for lunch and dinner would be a great way to lose a few kilos.

So I will be making light and healthy soups full of fresh veggies, beans, lentils, barley, maybe some chicken etc.  No creamy indulgent soups and certainly no crusty bread and butter!

When you think about it soup is the perfect diet food (as long as you don’t add the cream etc).  We will be getting our 5 serves of veggies a day and eating clean and wholesome foods that are packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

I am actually feeling quite excited about trying this, it helps that my family and I really enjoy soup so I reckon it’s worth a go.  I can make the whole weeks dinners and lunches on the weekend and freeze it.  Oh joy, no cooking in the week after work!

I want to get one of those new soup makers that are like a blender but cook and blend the soup automatically for you.  A friend at work just got one and they are only about $80.  See how I go this week and if I want to continue with the soup I will invest in one next week.

Anyone done a soup diet before?  Would love to hear if you had success, and if you want to share recipes that would be great.