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The Fens Series by Joy Ellis


joy ellis.jpgI have been reading a really great series of books by Joy Ellis.  I have only recently found her books by browsing through Amazon and I am so glad that I did, they are a great read.

I have been lucky enough to read her last two on Net Galley in exchange for a review; actually I am reading her current one Killer on The Fens right now and I’m really enjoying it.  This book is currently 95 Cents on the Kindle store so it is well worth spending a Dollar to give this author a go.

The series is getting better as the books go on the characters are developing and forging relationships and as you get to know them the more you like them.  The storylines are interesting and keep me engaged right through to the end of the book.

If you enjoy a mystery thriller I can recommend this author, all 4 have been a great read.


My New Colouring Blog!



I am finding that I am spending more and more time blogging about colouring so I thought I should start a blog just for colouring and art supplies etc.

If you are interested you can find it here:


Would love it if you would come over and see what i’m doing!


To Colour or Not To Colour?


I have a dilemma!

Colouring is really good for my wellbeing and mental health, it makes me happy and relaxed and I really enjoy it.  As you know I have severe eye pain and vision problems which quite often make doing day to day tasks difficult.

My problem is do I colour on my really bad eye days to make myself feel better and risk ruining a picture that I have put everything into and really like or not colour on those days and potentially feel bad.

Over the last couple of weeks I have ruined two beautiful pictures that I spent hours and hours colouring because my eyes were bad and I was in pain.  The pics turned out so awful I didn’t finish them.  Doing this seems a waste of my time,
colouring book pages and supplies.  Or is it just good therapy, good practice and don’t worry about what I produce?

I don’t know, I’m in two minds really, I colour for my wellbeing mostly, but I also colour to show my friends because I love it and am quite good at it and produce some good work.  Showing my friends and IG followers makes me proud as
though I have achieved something, and it makes me feel very good to get compliments and comments, which is also good for my wellbeing.

I guess I need to take it one day at a time and gauge how bad I feel and how much I need to colour for therapy.  I could keep a separate book for days that I just need to colour for my wellbeing so that I don’t mess up any more of my favourites. 

I dunno, it’s complicated being me!

Animorphia Rocks



I’m working on the leopard from Animorphia at the moment.  I really love this book it’s so much fun colouring the doodles.

I’m trying not to finish it too quickly as I am in hospital for the day Thursday and want to take it with me.  I will be hooked up to a drip for 7 hours getting my chemo and I will need something to do to stop me going nuts from boredom!

So far I have used caran d’ache luminance pencils,  prismacolor and polychromos.  A little bit of gold and silver gel pen too.

Giving Something Back To The Community



Since I started colouring my tastes have changed as I got a little better at it and saw what an amazing assortment of books are out there by some very talented artists.  As a result I have probably 6-8 books or more that I know I will never open or that just has one page coloured.

The 6 above are my current favourites, a couple are still on their way and I cant wait for them to get to me.  Anyway what should I do with the books im not going to use?

I have had an awesome idea (in my head its awesome anyway lol).  My idea stems from the fact that colouring has really helped my mental health, colouring makes me happy and thinking about colouring and buying new supplies excites me. Anyway you get the point, colouring is amazing for mental health.  So lets get back to the point in hand, my cunning plan ……

Next time I see my psychologist in a couple of weeks i will take my surplus books so that she can ask her other patients if they would like to try colouring.  They can have a browse and take a book home to keep.  These people may never have given colouring a thought and they should totally give it a go as it does help with wellbeing.  I dont see a negative in this plan, but I will certainly check if its ok with her, I won’t just dump a bag of books on her desk! Also if nobody wants them I will take them back, she won’t be left with a stack of books.

I might also buy half a dozen packs of cheapo gel pens so that the people who want to give it a go will have a starter set to get them going.

What do you guys think? Win or Fail?

My Favourite Adult Colouring Book – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



As you all know I am totally into colouring for enjoyment, relaxation and mental wellbeing.

My favoUrite book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Love my Alice book!


Its a really lovely book.  The pages are thick and it is printed on great quality paper.  The book contain the original illustrations from Sir John Tenniel so they are beautifully drawn and detailled.

I think what makes this book special to me is there is a story on every page, its not just a colouring book.  I am planning on saving it for future grandchildren if I can do a good enough job with the colouring.

I am waiting on a book to come called Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland, I am hoping I will enjoy it as much but I dont know that I will save it for the grand kids, would hate to give them nightmares lol

I highly recommend this book, its a beauty.

Until next time, have fun colouring!

Adult Colouring Fun



I was thinking the other day that I must have been colouring for about 4 years now, way before it became popular and all the beautiful colouring books came out.

I now have a great collection of books and pens etc.  Colouring is so much fun and really relaxing.  Great for relieving stress and anxiety.

I have found though that as I am quite vision impaired I have to colour by torch light in order to see the lines which can make it difficult.

The good thing is, because my vision is bad I don’t see the bits I have missed or when I go outside the lines LOL   my colouring always looks perfect to me but to anyone else it probably looks like a 3 year old has done it!

This picture is from Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland book.  It has some awesome pictures and the paper is nice and thick and good quality.

I’m off to do some colouring now…..

Super Anxious Today 😟



I am having a terrible anxiety attack today, don’t know what’s caused it but I feel sick in my stomach with dread as though something bad is about to happen.  I can feel my heart thumping in my chest.  I can’t concentrate or focus on work so I have just taken a ten minute break to do some colouring to see if I can calm myself down.  Journaling usually helps too so I am hoping by writing this down it will help.

I hate having mental health problems, it is always there getting in the way, making me aware that I’m not normal.  It sucks big time.

I don’t have an anti-anxiety medication these days, my psych used to give me some but I became dependant on it so I weaned off and haven’t had any for several years.  Would be nice right now to have something to take to calm me down.  I do take Seroquel which is meant to help with anxiety and generally it does a good job but today it’s not helping much.

I hardly ever suffer with anxiety anymore because my meds are so well balanced so I am a little surprised I have it today. What’s going on?

Oh well, guess I need to suck it up and get on with my day I have work to do.  Think I am going to be the crazy colouring in lady today, roll on lunchtime!

A Visit From The Parents



My parents are coming over from the UK to visit in September. I have a fair bit of anxiety about the visit as I haven’t seen them in 12 years and our relationship was kind of estranged before that.

Over the last 18 months or so we have mended our relationship and get on really well, I am looking forward to their visit a lot but I am also really freaking out about it.

My partner who is wonderfully supportive knows I have anxiety about the visit so suggested that we take them away for a few nights so that we can all have a break and do the touristy thing together.  We have booked a gorgeous apartment with an ocean view so the old folk can sit on the balcony, read the paper, have brekky and admire the stunning Queensland Coast.

We decided on Caloundra as we both really like it there and it’s a great base to explore the Sunshine Coast.  We are staying here http://www.windwardpassage.com.au/ it looks great and I am really excited to be going away for a few days and showing my parents where I have been living for the past dozen years.

I am working hard to control my anxiety, mostly by colouring.  I am really enjoying colouring, I find it totally relaxing and when I am doing it I am not thinking about anything negative or scary.  Amazing how something so simple can be so effective.  Another stress releiving activity for me is reading, if I can lose myself in a good book, that’s it the anxiety is gone. 

So I am armed with my toolbox of anxiety busting remedies, all should be good!