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The Aftermath of a Migraine – Stage 4 – Postdrome



So I’m over stage 3 of the migraine, the horrible miserable pain and now I’m on day 2 of the hangover.  I seriously feel like I have been for a wild night on the booze and then run over by a bus!  The worst thing is I am trying not to take any more pain killers as I don’t want to get into a cycle of rebound headaches.

The pain isn’t really bad but it’s just there all the time and very annoying.  When I cough or move my head too quickly it feels like my brain is banging around onto my skull.  A couple of paracetamol would really help but I’m scared to take any more pain killers as I have been stuck in the rebound headache cycle before and it’s not pleasant.  I’m just trying to ride it out.

I’m hoping that by tomorrow I will be feeling a lot better, this little quote says it all, you really do have to recover from a migraine and it can take days – oh joy!

Here is a bit of info on the Postdrome stage for those who don’t know anything about it.


The postdrome stage of a migraine attack is the fourth and final stage. Most people would think that the fourth stage would be a huge sigh of relief and in some cases it could be but the final stage still brings about several different symptoms that can be painful and hard to cope with. Coming down from the third stage of a migraine is exhausting, the pain and misery that was had during the third migraine stage can leave a person feeling weak. The postdrome migraine stage is the fourth and final stage of a migraine.

The postdrome migraine stage has several linger side effects and symptoms such as the extreme fatigue, muscle soreness, head pain and bouts of cognitive confusion. The postdrome migraine stage consists of mild head pain that lingers for a spell. The side effects and symptoms of the postdrome stage often linger for two or three days after the third migraine stage has disappeared.



Migraine Does My Head In!



Argghhh I had the worst migraine over the weekend, horrible pain for 3 days straight.  Straight away I knew it was a migraine so I tool a Naramig ….. my heart sank because it didn’t work.

Generally if it doesn’t work they say don’t bother taking another as that one probably won’t work either so I tried everything I had in my meds box.  Panadeine Forte, Mersyndol, Endone, Disprin nothing worked and it was really starting to get to me.  On the 3rd day I remembered my doctor gave me a sample pack of Imigran and within a couple of hours I was totally pain free … absolute bliss!  It was like my head was quiet it was an awesome feeling.

I woke up this morning feeling exhausted and with a small lingering headache in the area where I get my migraine.  I hope it’s just going to wear off as the day goes on and not come back.  Don’t think I could stand another migraine so soon.

Naramig has worked for me in the past so I was surprised that the Imigran worked and the Naramig didn’t.  I guess that’s the kind of beast migraine is, it can be different every time. Mental note, get a script for Imigran!

I’m hoping this week will be a better one and pain free!



Chronic Pain Is Wearing Me Down But I Am A Warrior!



I like this quote.  As a person who suffers with chronic pain every day it feels real to me, I can really relate.

Every day I go to work and put a smile on my face when inside I am crying in pain.  Some days are worse than others but I have some level of pain every single day without a break.  It really starts to wear you down.  I often moan a bit at work, but my colleagues have no idea of the pain I am in every day.  I get up in the morning and put that brave face on and it stays there for the duration.

My partner is amazing, even when I am trying to put a smile on my face she knows when I’m not doing so well.  Like the quote says she must see it in my eyes.  Oh yes, the moaning out loud probably gives her a clue too!

I rely a lot on strong pain killers but do realise this shouldn’t be a long term solution.  I often try to find other solutions to my pain but giving myself a pep talk and practicing mindfulness doesn’t really cut it when I am laying there in agony.

I try to take it one day at a time.  I used to fret and worry about how long this illness would last but now I know that there is no value in that it just makes me depressed.  Now I just get through each day and relax in bed at night knowing I have conquered another day.

This morning I am sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a skinny cappuccino whilst writing this post.  A positive thing to come from this is the realisation that I am much stronger than I ever give myself credit for.  I don’t let my pain stop me doing things and I live a full and very happy life.  I am a warrior!

Chronic Migraine



Saw the neurologist with regards to my chronic headaches yesterday.  It was a good appointment; the doctor was very thorough in the history she took and in examining me.

The first thing she said to me was “what’s wrong with your eyes” LOL I get that all the time.  She checked the backs of my eyes and that was fine in the right eye but my cornea in the left eye is hazy from the inflammation so she couldn’t see the back of that one, but I know they are fine because my eye doctor checked herself a couple of weeks ago so the neurologist was happy with that.

I have empty sella syndrome which means ……

In empty sella syndrome, the sella turcica (the bony structure at the base of the brain that houses the pituitary gland) enlarges, but the pituitary remains normal-sized or shrinks. People with empty sella syndrome have a defect in the tissue barrier that normally keeps the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain separate from the sella turcica. As a result, cerebrospinal fluid puts increased pressure on the pituitary gland and the walls of the sella turcica. The sella turcica may enlarge, and the pituitary gland may shrink.

With that and my chronic headaches the neurologist has scheduled an MRI for me just to be on the safe side but she feels that I have chronic migraine and there is nothing sinister going on.

We discussed pain relief options but unfortunately because of the amount of other meds I take drug interactions stop me from taking a lot of stuff that they would normally prescribe.  She did prescribe Lyrica taken daily and Maxolon to take with aspro clear to be taken at the first sign of a migraine.

Headaches have been really good lately, but that may be because I am taking regular pain killers for my eyes so one hasn’t had a chance to develop. I’m already on so many meds that I am not going to start taking the Lyrica unless the headaches start coming back every day.

So all in all a positive outcome, will see what the MRI says but looking good at the moment.

The Grind of Chronic Daily Headaches



I get the same headache nearly every day, behind my right eye and right side of the head.  It feels like my brain is pulsating.  They feel like a mini version of the full on migraine that I occasionally get.   I could blame it on my recent eye problems and eye strain but I have been having chronic headaches for years.  The eye problems are not helping though, in fact my headaches have become worse over recent months.

I do have short stretches of time when I don’t have a headache, I can go for a week or so and think that things are going great and my headaches are over.  Then they hit me again and I will have a headache every day for a few weeks without any relief.  It’s like one giant headache just rolling over to the next day, then the next day, and so on.

Some of my headaches may be rebound headaches.  I am really careful about how much medication I take but when you have a non-stop headache for weeks at a time you just have to take something to get some relief from it.   I need pain relief from the scleritis too so I am also using painkillers for that.  I would say that I take painkillers on every day of the week.

As I have bipolar I have to be really careful to keep my mental health balanced to stay well but being in pain all day, every day makes this challenging sometimes.  At the moment I am feeling a little down, I am at the stage of being over it and just want it all to go away.  I was reading some papers on scleritis the other day and it can go on for years rather than weeks or months.  I think mine will be sticking around for a while. I have had it for nearly 7 months so it appears that it will be a long term problem in my case.  Oh joy that’s something to look forward to.

I’m really feeling cranky because I’m in pain but I still have to get up, go to work, somehow get through my day, come home and cook dinner etc. etc., you get the picture.  Some days I just want to stay tucked up in bed and let the world go on without me.  But I know that if I give in to the pain or the depression I will get worse.  I will have a full blown bipolar episode and be a complete maniac. That’s no fun for anyone.  My poor family suffers when I am feeling mentally unwell, luckily my partner is great so my nutty periods generally don’t last too long. 

I don’t really know what I can do to get through this apart from take painkillers and stay strong.  I must be a tough old bird because I get up and go to work every day no matter how bad I am feeling so that gives me the strength to go on.  I’m not ready to throw in the towel quite yet, I am going to win this fight.