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What Shall I Read?



I have an awesome selection of books to read in my e-library but I have a problem.  I just don’t fancy any of them.  I really want to read a book but nothing is grabbing me and I don’t know what to do.

What will I do on my lunch break if I don’t read? 

I’m so surprised I am having this problem as I usually love diving into a murder mystery thriller.  Maybe it’s because I’m hanging out for the new Tess Gerritsen and Michael Connelly novels due out on the 22nd.  I don’t know maybe I need a change of genre?

Anyone got any good read suggestions?


A Very Interesting Bookshelf



I have some great books sitting in my ebook shelf ready to read.   Can’t wait to get into some of these books.  As you can tell I am totally in to the thriller/murder mystery genre.

What do you have on your book shelf? 

A Small Obsession With Books


Was doing my usual last night, running through the Amazon upcoming releases list and came up with my reads for the back half of the year.  I do this regularly to make sure that I don’t miss any new releases from my favourite authors.

As you can see I love a thriller and almost exclusively read this genre.


Still have quite a few that I haven’t read yet, I have been a little slow of late due to the bad eye situation.  I currently have 17 on my Google play books shelf and 10 on my Kindle bookshelf. I certainly won’t be short of reading material for the rest of the year!

Note to myself ….. must remember that the Murder House by James Patterson is due out 28th September but he is also releasing it in five parts as below:-

Part 1 – 1/9
Part 2 -7/9
Part 3 – 14/9
Part 4 – 21/9
Part 5 – 24/9

I love books!

New Chris Carter Novel – I Am Death



As I feel like I haven’t been mentally too well this week so I decided to cheer myself up and treat myself to a new book.  I always love reading and generally it helps me mentally to get lost in a good gripping book.

I got the new Chris Carter thriller called I Am Death.  I cannot wait to read it he is my all-time favourite author.  I love the Robert Hunter series.   I am so excited, but have to wait as I am already halfway through a book that I am really enjoying so don’t want to interrupt that to read the new one.

Something to look forward to!

Struggling With Book Selection



I’m having rotten luck with my choice of books lately, I haven’t enjoyed anything that I have started and have given up after a few pages or chapters.

Have no idea why, perhaps my tastes are changing?  I have tried some new authors; maybe I just don’t their style of writing and should stick with what I know and like. I think part of my problem is that new releases from my favourite authors are a bit quiet now until late July so to keep me going I am having to try new authors.

After 3 flops I am now reading Swansong by Damien Boyd.  I recently discovered Damien’s works when I was browsing the Kindle store and thought I would give him a go.   There are currently 4 books in the DI Nick Dixon series.  I have enjoyed the first 3 so I am looking forward to getting stuck in to Swansong.

My bookshelves are filling up again and getting clogged with stuff that I probably won’t read. I currently have 15 in my Google Play library and 18 in my Kindle library.  I can’t stop book shopping I love it, it’s so much fun.  You never know when you are going to discover that gem that will turn out to be a really great read.  In fact I think I might go book shopping at lunchtime, I don’t even have to leave my desk! How sad am I!

Happy reading everyone ☺

To Continue Reading or Chuck It Out?



Do you battle through a book even though you may not be enjoying it?

I used to, I would be so determined to finish a book even if reading it was as painful as pulling teeth. But whats the point?  Reading should be enjoyable not a chore so why should we keep reading a book if we are not enjoying it.

I guess I used to think that I was at a slow point in the book and it would pick up again and get better, but it rarely did.  I think you know right from the start if you are going to like a book or not. Sometimes I know right from the first page if I am going to like an author’s style or writing or not.

Nowadays I don’t bother to battle through the books I don’t like.  There are so many great books out there why would I bother to waste my time and energy.  If I don’t like a book I simply stop reading and delete it.  I used to keep them in my bookshelf to maybe try again at a later date but I don’t even do that now.

I know what I like to read, I know the style of writing I like and I know the authors I like so I can’t go wrong, right?  Actually I can, there have been times when I have opened my favourite author’s new best seller and hated it.  That is so disappointing after anxiously waiting for it to be released but it happens occasionally.   On the other side of the coin, I have also trawled through the Kindle store or Play Store for hours looking for new authors to try and have found some gems that I have totally loved.

That’s the fun of reading, the excitement of searching and finding a new favourite author, downloading books at the touch of a button and it’s instantly there, hating a book and deleting it, loving a book and downloading more, it is all so great.  I love reading!

E-books are my favourite, love em!   Absolutely love virtual book shopping it is so much fun!   No more waiting for a book until I can get to the shops.  I can go book shopping anytime 24/7.  Yes I know I’m sad but I can’t help it I just love ebooks.  With my eye condition it is really difficult for me to read “paper” books, so Ebooks have enabled me to continue doing something that I adore as my eyesight gets worse.   Doesn’t get better than that!

I Am a Bookworm!



I adore books and reading.  I am at my most relaxed when I have my nose stuck in a good book, I always have one on the go and plenty in my bookshelf for later. 

Because of my vision problems I find it very difficult to read books in print so I read on my tablet.  I can set the text to suit my vision and I can carry as many books around as I like.  If I want a new book I simply download it and hey presto book shopping done!  It really doesn’t get much better than that.  I thought that I would miss the smell and feel of a proper book and I guess I do a bit but to be able to read any book whenever I want and not have to worry about being able to see is a massive plus, so technology gets my vote.

As you can see from my reading list I am really into crime thrillers, I love a good murder!  I pretty much stick exclusively to this genre although I do deviate on occasion.  This is my reading list for the rest of the year.  All the coming releases are logged in my calendar to be downloaded when they come out so I don’t miss any (that would be terrible wouldn’t it).

Coming New Releases: –
Angela Marsons – Evil Games
James Patterson – Truth or Die
Karin Slaughter – Pretty Girls
James Patterson – Alert
Allison Brennan – Best Laid Plans
Lee Child – Make Me
James Patterson – The Murder House
Patricia Cornwell – Depraved Heart
Michael Connelly – The Crossing
James Patterson – Confessions: the Murder of an Angel
Tess Gerritsen – Playing with Fire
Allison Brennan – No Good Deed
James Patterson – Cross Justice
Currently on my Bookshelf: –
Damien Boyd – As the Crow Flies
John Francome – Storm Rider
Karen Rose – Silent Scream (reading now)
Felix Francis – Refusal
Felix Francis – Damage
Rachael Treasure – Cleanskin Cowgirls
Harlan Coban – The Stranger
Allison Brennan – Compulsion
John Sandford – Gathering Prey

If I can get through this lot by the end of the year (depends on the eye health/vision situation), it will take my books that I have read to over 50 for 2015.  Not bad at all!

I love reading, I am a total bookworm!


Too Crazy to Declutter!



So we all know I have this problem with hoarding books right?  Can be a problem but it’s got to be better than hoarding animals!

I was looking at my google play and kindle bookshelves and realised that I have no clue why I downloaded about half of them; they are totally not my genre.  Probably to get my book count up so that I don’t get “book anxiety”.   I am pretty sure that half the books in my bookshelves won’t get read so what’s the point in having them there?  They are just taking up space on my tablet and annoying me, taunting me trying to get me to read them when I have zero interest in doing so.

Time to declutter!  It is really difficult for me to get rid of books, so I went into my bookshelves with an aggressive attitude and culled everything that I knew deep down I would not read.

The result: – I now have a total of 14 books over the 2 bookshelves.  Pretty good I think as I had 27 this morning.  All I have now are books that I know I will read and enjoy …. Gawd I had some rubbish in there!  (I’m sure they were great books just not my cup of tea).

Now this is where the bipolar comes in.  I am telling myself that now I have decluttered my bookshelves I have all this room for some new books …… hehe guess who is going book shopping!

So really I haven’t decluttered at all, I am just swapping books that I know I won’t read for ones that I will.  My book count will be way up again before I know it, that’s not a problem though if I am actually going to read the books hey?

I Really Am A Crazy Bipolar Book Lady!



Following on from yesterday’s blog, the crazy book lady strikes again!

Last night my partner asked me for some ideas on what I would like for a mother’s day gift from my daughter (my daughter lives overseas so they are getting together plotting something – yay for me).

So what do I do?  Go straight to the kindle store.  My partner looks over at what I am doing and is like, OMG NO!! you are not getting more books, I read your blog post today ……. Busted!

Well we just both fell around laughing after that and agreed that a piece of jewellery to be picked out by them would be lovely.

Seems like I can’t stop at 25 books after all …… hehehe

Do you think I have a problem?