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The Rising Cost of Ebooks!



I was cruising through the Kindle store yesterday and spotted a book by one of my favourite authors, it was $19.95.  Unbelievable!

Now I don’t mind paying that for a paper book because there are printing and consumables costs but $20 for an ebook …. Seriously!  What’s that all about.   You can’t even lend it to your friends and family or flog it on at a garage sale when you have read it like you can a real book.

All I can say is Wow; I totally agree that the writers etc need to be paid but an ebook is a single file that can be downloaded millions of times, to charge $20 is outrageous in my opinion. The cost of making an ebook download would be minimal compared to producing a print book.

The rising prices by many of my favourite authors have pushed me away from them to try some of the smaller authors.  I now have a heap of new favourites, have read some amazing books and they have been priced in the range of $1.95 – $6.  Now that I don’t mind paying!

I’m still a bit gobsmacked actually that they wanted $20 for a digital download.  I’m going to be steering well clear of these books and will continue opting to read the books of my new favourite authors.

Does anyone else think that this is excessive?