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My New Colouring Blog!



I am finding that I am spending more and more time blogging about colouring so I thought I should start a blog just for colouring and art supplies etc.

If you are interested you can find it here:


Would love it if you would come over and see what i’m doing!



To Colour or Not To Colour?


I have a dilemma!

Colouring is really good for my wellbeing and mental health, it makes me happy and relaxed and I really enjoy it.  As you know I have severe eye pain and vision problems which quite often make doing day to day tasks difficult.

My problem is do I colour on my really bad eye days to make myself feel better and risk ruining a picture that I have put everything into and really like or not colour on those days and potentially feel bad.

Over the last couple of weeks I have ruined two beautiful pictures that I spent hours and hours colouring because my eyes were bad and I was in pain.  The pics turned out so awful I didn’t finish them.  Doing this seems a waste of my time,
colouring book pages and supplies.  Or is it just good therapy, good practice and don’t worry about what I produce?

I don’t know, I’m in two minds really, I colour for my wellbeing mostly, but I also colour to show my friends because I love it and am quite good at it and produce some good work.  Showing my friends and IG followers makes me proud as
though I have achieved something, and it makes me feel very good to get compliments and comments, which is also good for my wellbeing.

I guess I need to take it one day at a time and gauge how bad I feel and how much I need to colour for therapy.  I could keep a separate book for days that I just need to colour for my wellbeing so that I don’t mess up any more of my favourites. 

I dunno, it’s complicated being me!

Am I Nuts To Spend $300 On A Set Of pencils?



Colouring is my hobby, I love it and its very good for my mental health.  It makes me happy. I dont drink or smoke or spend my money on anything else. I now have a heap of great colouring books and supplies but I want to get this amazing set of Faber Castell pencils in a wooden box.   This set is beautiful and amazing and will last years but as with any high quality art item it is expensive.

I think I can justify spending this sort of money for colouring, having the best quality pencils makes it so much more fun and you get a much better result.  This is my latest WIP from Animorphia which is my favourite book.  See how these beautiful pencils make the colours pop (I have a few singles).

Yep these are definately next on my purchase list and that wooden box is just gorgeous!


Loving The Copic Ciao Markers



Yesterday I ordered some Copic Ciao markers in skin tone.  They came today, how exciting!  Never used them before so its going to be a big learning curve.  After having a play I definitely want to get some more but at $4.75 each its going to be a slow process getting a few here and there.

They tend to bleed through to the back of the page so I am hoping the book I have in mind for these has thick paper and is printed one sided.  Will find out when it turns up, this is the book, its an art journalling colouring book and here are a few photos that the author put up on facebook.  I dont suppose she will mind me using this pic seeing as I am advertising her book!  I think this book will be really fun to colour and journal in.


Cant wait for it to arrive!

Next purchase – more Copics think, I have enough beautiful books for now.

Gifts For Mental Health Patients



I went to Kmart at the weekend and got some packs of 8 gel pens, then came home and packed them up with a colouring book.  I have 9 sets to give away as gifts to mental health patients in my community.

I hope that whoever gets them enjoys the experience of colouring as much as I do and that it helps with their wellbeing.

It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to be able to give these gifts and if colouring makes a difference to any of the recipients lives it will have been worth it.

I need more new colouring books to replace the ones I am giving away lol!