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My New Colouring Blog!



I am finding that I am spending more and more time blogging about colouring so I thought I should start a blog just for colouring and art supplies etc.

If you are interested you can find it here:


Would love it if you would come over and see what i’m doing!



A Lot of Art Stuff! 


How do you know when to stop buying art stuff?  When do you have enough?  There are so many gorgeous quality items out there that get me drooling, it’s kind of addictive!

Ok so I’m not an artist in the true sense of the word, I’m a colourist.  I colour in other people’s beautiful art work.  Do you think it’s a waste of money buying top end artists materials just for colouring?  I don’t, I get so much pleasure from colouring, it keeps me mentally balanced and I really enjoy it.  My colouring has improved immensely since I started buying artist quality materials. You really do get what you pay for!

So I currently have the full set of Caran D’ache Luminance and 40 Pablos, full set of Polychromos, full set of Prismacolors and the full set of Marco Renoirs.  Ok I acknowledge that I have enough pencils LOL I really don’t think there are any more pencils that I want or need I have pretty much the major brands covered so I’m not even going to think about more pencils.

Now I’m thinking backgrounds.  I have Ezyshaid and a set of Pebbles Chalks plus some soft pastels.  In my last order from the art shop I got a pan pastel to try.  Omg they are gorgeous, so soft and velvety and you can layer them up from really pale translucent to dark opaque.  They feel like a really good quality product, but they are expensive.  You really do get value for money though as a little goes a long way.

I think this will be my next purchase and then I can finally stop and just replace individual pencils as they run out.

I am so happy with all my materials; they give me a lot of pleasure.  I work on the basis that reading and colouring are my only hobbies and I don’t drink or smoke so why not indulge myself with a nice quality item occasionally!

Am I Nuts To Spend $300 On A Set Of pencils?



Colouring is my hobby, I love it and its very good for my mental health.  It makes me happy. I dont drink or smoke or spend my money on anything else. I now have a heap of great colouring books and supplies but I want to get this amazing set of Faber Castell pencils in a wooden box.   This set is beautiful and amazing and will last years but as with any high quality art item it is expensive.

I think I can justify spending this sort of money for colouring, having the best quality pencils makes it so much more fun and you get a much better result.  This is my latest WIP from Animorphia which is my favourite book.  See how these beautiful pencils make the colours pop (I have a few singles).

Yep these are definately next on my purchase list and that wooden box is just gorgeous!


Testing the Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Pencils



I bought a few Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils to add to my Prismacolor range of colours.  They are not as soft as the prismas but this means you are not sharpening them every 2 minutes like the prismas so they should last a lot longer.  You can use them wet or dry and they are vibrant and nice to colour with.  I like the idea of having the option of using them wet if I want to, nice to have the choice.

I’m working on an Animorphia piece at the moment, last night I used the Durers and used some Vaseline for blending.  I was very impressed with the performance of the pencils so I’m certainly going to invest in a set.  The Vaseline was fun to use, it made the pencils silky smooth and gave a nice finish.

As with any high quality art item they are expensive, but you really do get what you pay for.  These bad boys really deliver.  Now to save for a set!

Loving The Copic Ciao Markers



Yesterday I ordered some Copic Ciao markers in skin tone.  They came today, how exciting!  Never used them before so its going to be a big learning curve.  After having a play I definitely want to get some more but at $4.75 each its going to be a slow process getting a few here and there.

They tend to bleed through to the back of the page so I am hoping the book I have in mind for these has thick paper and is printed one sided.  Will find out when it turns up, this is the book, its an art journalling colouring book and here are a few photos that the author put up on facebook.  I dont suppose she will mind me using this pic seeing as I am advertising her book!  I think this book will be really fun to colour and journal in.


Cant wait for it to arrive!

Next purchase – more Copics think, I have enough beautiful books for now.

Gifts For Mental Health Patients



I went to Kmart at the weekend and got some packs of 8 gel pens, then came home and packed them up with a colouring book.  I have 9 sets to give away as gifts to mental health patients in my community.

I hope that whoever gets them enjoys the experience of colouring as much as I do and that it helps with their wellbeing.

It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to be able to give these gifts and if colouring makes a difference to any of the recipients lives it will have been worth it.

I need more new colouring books to replace the ones I am giving away lol!

Giving Something Back To The Community



Since I started colouring my tastes have changed as I got a little better at it and saw what an amazing assortment of books are out there by some very talented artists.  As a result I have probably 6-8 books or more that I know I will never open or that just has one page coloured.

The 6 above are my current favourites, a couple are still on their way and I cant wait for them to get to me.  Anyway what should I do with the books im not going to use?

I have had an awesome idea (in my head its awesome anyway lol).  My idea stems from the fact that colouring has really helped my mental health, colouring makes me happy and thinking about colouring and buying new supplies excites me. Anyway you get the point, colouring is amazing for mental health.  So lets get back to the point in hand, my cunning plan ……

Next time I see my psychologist in a couple of weeks i will take my surplus books so that she can ask her other patients if they would like to try colouring.  They can have a browse and take a book home to keep.  These people may never have given colouring a thought and they should totally give it a go as it does help with wellbeing.  I dont see a negative in this plan, but I will certainly check if its ok with her, I won’t just dump a bag of books on her desk! Also if nobody wants them I will take them back, she won’t be left with a stack of books.

I might also buy half a dozen packs of cheapo gel pens so that the people who want to give it a go will have a starter set to get them going.

What do you guys think? Win or Fail?

I Love My Colouring Book!



I am totally in to my Calm Colouring Book.  I really didn’t realise how huge colouring books for adults were but now that I have found one and started looking on line they are everywhere.  I just ordered a Mandala colouring book so I am excited to see that when it arrives.

I have thoroughly enjoyed colouring, I have found it really relaxing and soothing.  My eyes are bad so sometimes I go outside of the lines a little but that’s ok ☺

I love it so much that I can see myself with loads of books to choose from and a whole heap of pens …. Mmmm now to find something to keep it all in!  I love stationery so don’t need any excuse to buy more colouring pens.  I want to enjoy colouring whilst I can in case I lose my sight and can’t colour anymore.

I have converted some people to colouring too, my partner, my daughter, a co-worker, my GP and my psychologist.  All now have books and are ready to calmly colour.

It’s really relaxing, give it a go!

Adult Colouring Books For Relaxation



Was having a trot around the shops today and saw these colouring Books for adults in kmart.  A5 size $12 each.  Picked these two up and had some fun this evening colouring. It was really relaxing and I enjoyed myself, very therapeutic I reckon.

My doctor mentioned colouring for relaxation last time I saw her so I will tell her about them. She wants one for the surgery for her patients when she takes blood pressure readings to make sure they are relaxed and not stressed. 

Don’t you love my colour combinations in the top photo, my family tells me I have no colour sense LOL. I can’t take credit for the lovely photo of the foxes, the colours go perfectly well together in that one.

I picked up books for my daughter, partner and work colleague so we are all going to be very chilled out and relaxed.