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My Favourite Adult Colouring Book – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



As you all know I am totally into colouring for enjoyment, relaxation and mental wellbeing.

My favoUrite book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Love my Alice book!


Its a really lovely book.  The pages are thick and it is printed on great quality paper.  The book contain the original illustrations from Sir John Tenniel so they are beautifully drawn and detailled.

I think what makes this book special to me is there is a story on every page, its not just a colouring book.  I am planning on saving it for future grandchildren if I can do a good enough job with the colouring.

I am waiting on a book to come called Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland, I am hoping I will enjoy it as much but I dont know that I will save it for the grand kids, would hate to give them nightmares lol

I highly recommend this book, its a beauty.

Until next time, have fun colouring!


Stupid Keratoconus Eyes! – Adults Colouring



Anyone with KC knows we see the world a little differently to people with normal eyes, and my vision has been worse than usual lately due to other health issues. 

I started to colour this last night with the help of a magnifying glass and I thought that was a pretty pattern.  It was only this morning I realised it is a flower and I have coloured it all green.  Do we even have green flowers? Im not sure!

I know it doesnt matter what colour i do it as its just a picture for a bit of fun and relaxation, the bit that upset me was that i couldnt see that it was a flower, my eyes just didnt see that at all.  It has made me realise how bad my vision is and its not going to get any better.

I have a lot of health stuff going on right now and I am trying to take one day at a time but sometimes it gets to me.  Had a bit of a breakdown last night and had a good cry.  Feeling much better this morning ☺

My Beautiful New Prismacolor Pencils



I was lucky enough to get a set of 72 Prismas for christmas, here is the first picture i coloured with them.  I have to say that I got them from Amazon, shipping was fast and the price excellent.  I got them for around $70 cheaper than at my local art shop.

I think I am in love ….. they are buttery soft and smooth on the paper, the colours are vibrant and beautiful.  It does sound like I love them hey, colouring has been so much fun since they came into my life.

This picture came out of Mystical Mandalas by Alberta Hutchinson.

Now being back at work after being home and colouring every day is boring, I want to be at home colouring not stuck behind a desk!

Adult Colouring Fun



I was thinking the other day that I must have been colouring for about 4 years now, way before it became popular and all the beautiful colouring books came out.

I now have a great collection of books and pens etc.  Colouring is so much fun and really relaxing.  Great for relieving stress and anxiety.

I have found though that as I am quite vision impaired I have to colour by torch light in order to see the lines which can make it difficult.

The good thing is, because my vision is bad I don’t see the bits I have missed or when I go outside the lines LOL   my colouring always looks perfect to me but to anyone else it probably looks like a 3 year old has done it!

This picture is from Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland book.  It has some awesome pictures and the paper is nice and thick and good quality.

I’m off to do some colouring now…..

I Love My Colouring Book!



I am totally in to my Calm Colouring Book.  I really didn’t realise how huge colouring books for adults were but now that I have found one and started looking on line they are everywhere.  I just ordered a Mandala colouring book so I am excited to see that when it arrives.

I have thoroughly enjoyed colouring, I have found it really relaxing and soothing.  My eyes are bad so sometimes I go outside of the lines a little but that’s ok ☺

I love it so much that I can see myself with loads of books to choose from and a whole heap of pens …. Mmmm now to find something to keep it all in!  I love stationery so don’t need any excuse to buy more colouring pens.  I want to enjoy colouring whilst I can in case I lose my sight and can’t colour anymore.

I have converted some people to colouring too, my partner, my daughter, a co-worker, my GP and my psychologist.  All now have books and are ready to calmly colour.

It’s really relaxing, give it a go!