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Cute Cow Print Doggy Rug



I love our dog so much, she is amazing and gorgeous.  This photo makes me smile I love the way she lays like a frog.  Just thought I would share and make you guys smile too.


Staffy Love


About 18 months ago our beautiful staffy girl Bonnie had major surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from her side.  As the tumour was deep and close to her major organs they couldn’t remove it all. We were given the impression by the vet who did the surgery that as they couldn’t remove it all the cancer would spread and Bon would have a reduced life span.  Poor baby was living on borrowed time.

They recommended further surgery to remove the rest of the tumour.  We decided against that as she was so crook when she came home from the vet hospital.  She spent the whole night moaning in pain and would only settle when we held her paw.  It was heartbreaking.

She bounced back fairly quickly after the first couple of days and was soon her perky self again.

The last 18 months we have spoilt her rotten, treating her like a total princess because she is dying.  She has gained a little weight from the many treats she has been having, nothing but the best for our girl!

In recent months she has been suffering with vomiting and diarrhoea on and off and we have been so worried that the cancer has spread.  Anyway we took her to the vets and we had the best news ever…… Bonnie is not dying!

Can you believe this, the original vet that did the surgery failed to tell us that the tumour was low grade and very unlikely to spread! He just said he didn’t get it all and she would need further surgery.  For 18 months we have been convincing ourselves that Bonnie is on her way out and that we have very little time left with her.  We kind of stood there with our mouths open as Bonnies current vet read the report from her surgery and assured us that she was going to be fine!

All those months of worrying for nothing!

She does however have a gastro problem that we need to sort out so she is on antibiotics for a week and an anallergenic dry food diet. She is much better, very bright and happy and full of life.