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A New Boss – Very Nervous Today!



I’m feeling very nervous about being at work this morning.  Last Friday my boss of 10 years left and I now have a new boss.  I don’t do change very easily, maybe because of my mental illness.  I am so full of anxiety this morning I could throw up.

I have met my new boss as we have had a handover period, he seems very nice but I know things are going to be very different.  Getting to know a new personality and having to work closely together, learning new tasks and different processes etc.

I know I can do the job so I have no idea why I feel so bad.  You know when you are so comfortable in your job it’s like a pair of comfy slippers; you know how to do things without even having to really think about it.  Don’t get me wrong I’m up for the challenge I am just feeling very very nervous!

Just writing this down is quite cathartic, it’s making me think about how I am feeling and is making me take a step back from my anxiety and do some breathing exercises so it was worth writing this. I have helped myself!

The boss is due in shortly, so let’s just see how we go, I am sure that we can make it work, I’m telling myself that change can sometimes be good!

I Love My Colouring Book!



I am totally in to my Calm Colouring Book.  I really didn’t realise how huge colouring books for adults were but now that I have found one and started looking on line they are everywhere.  I just ordered a Mandala colouring book so I am excited to see that when it arrives.

I have thoroughly enjoyed colouring, I have found it really relaxing and soothing.  My eyes are bad so sometimes I go outside of the lines a little but that’s ok ☺

I love it so much that I can see myself with loads of books to choose from and a whole heap of pens …. Mmmm now to find something to keep it all in!  I love stationery so don’t need any excuse to buy more colouring pens.  I want to enjoy colouring whilst I can in case I lose my sight and can’t colour anymore.

I have converted some people to colouring too, my partner, my daughter, a co-worker, my GP and my psychologist.  All now have books and are ready to calmly colour.

It’s really relaxing, give it a go!

Adult Colouring Books For Relaxation



Was having a trot around the shops today and saw these colouring Books for adults in kmart.  A5 size $12 each.  Picked these two up and had some fun this evening colouring. It was really relaxing and I enjoyed myself, very therapeutic I reckon.

My doctor mentioned colouring for relaxation last time I saw her so I will tell her about them. She wants one for the surgery for her patients when she takes blood pressure readings to make sure they are relaxed and not stressed. 

Don’t you love my colour combinations in the top photo, my family tells me I have no colour sense LOL. I can’t take credit for the lovely photo of the foxes, the colours go perfectly well together in that one.

I picked up books for my daughter, partner and work colleague so we are all going to be very chilled out and relaxed.

Enjoying a Lazy Sunday



Today I am going to enjoy a lazy Sunday.  Groceries and laundry etc are done, not much else to do but kick back and enjoy a quiet day with my family before the grind of work tomorrow.   Got some fresh pasta and a sauce for dinner so that’s an easy one too ☺

I’m looking forward to catching up with some reading.  Currently reading the new Jefferson Bass novel The Breaking Point.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderfully lazy Sunday too!

Just Saying!



It’s so cathartic being able to write whatever I want whenever I want.  And if someone else reads it that’s great too!  I don’t write my blog to make money or get loads of followers (great if I do though, get followers that is)  I write it for me.  Writing really helps my mental wellbeing and if someone else reads it and can relate it makes it even more worthwhile.

I love my blog!

A Ripper Alternative To Smoking



We all know how bad smoking is for us and how difficult it is to give up.  There is an alternative that can help you get off of the cigarettes for good.

My partner recently successfully gave up smoking using the vaping method and already the health benefits show.  My partner now has more energy, no longer has a cough and generally feels so much better in mind and body.

Vaping utilizes a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid (E-juice) mixed with flavouring that gets vaporised in a small battery powered atomizer and simulates the experience of smoking.

E-Juice is available from some countries containing nicotine at different strengths which means that you will gradually be able to wean yourself off of the cigarettes by decreasing the amount of nicotine that you are taking in without the harmful tar and additives of cigarettes.  If your country doesn’t sell E-juice with nicotine it is legal to buy from another country and import for personal use.

E-juice without nicotine is also useful to help you cut down the amount of cigarettes you smoke; it gives you something to do with your hands.  I am told that smokers who are trying to give up miss the process of smoking so vaping will simulate smoking without having all of those dangerous side effects of tobacco.

The best evidence to date shows that vaping e-cigarettes is dramatically less dangerous than smoking cigarettes.  Why not give it a go and give up smoking.  The decision to give up smoking could add years on to your life and you will feel so much better for giving up tobacco products. It will also save you a huge chunk of money as the cost of vaping compared to smoking is negligible.

Vaporizers come in all different shapes, sizes and colours to suit all tastes, some great vaping products can be purchased at the ebay store below.