Finally Getting Some Decent Weight Loss


IMG_20170704_144345_821I have been struggling for so long to lose the weight that I have gained from my medication and the associated appetite gain.  I think over the last three or four years I have probably gained around 30 kilos.

Finally I have cracked it …. Low Carb!  I have been low carbing it for a while now and although the weight is coming off slowly, the point is it’s coming off and I am not gaining every week like I was before.

It feels so good to feel my clothes get looser and to fit in stuff that I haven’t been able to wear for several years.

My diet now consists of meat and vegetables/salad and some cheese.  I haven’t found that I am too hungry as I have been also drinking over 2 litres of water a day.  I have given up milk and now drink black coffee which took some getting used to!

I am also doing intermittent fasting.  I do a 16 hour fast every week day, sometimes I have breakfast at the weekend but in the week I generally break my fast at 12 pm for lunch and don’t eat after 8 pm.  I am finding that this is really working well for me and I am getting into the routine of when I can eat.

We are slightly adjusting our eating plan at the weekend to include some beans and lentils so I will see how that goes next week.

Also I think it has helped to open an Instagram account just for my diet and weight loss.  I have followed a heap of people that are on the same type of eating plan and we share tips and recipes.  This social interaction keeps me motivated which is a big part of the struggle.

Well I am about half way there so that is amazing progress.  The good thing is my partner is eating the same food and we are losing weight together.

I am getting a transplant surgery very soon and I want my mind, body and emotional health to be the best it can.


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