Review of Caran D’ache Luminance Pencils


Thought I would give you my thoughts on the Caran D’ache Luminance pencils now I have been using them for a week.  Please note I’m no expert, this is just my personal opinion.

Ok so they are expensive at AU$4.20 each but they are glorious to use.  If a pencil can look pretty, these do and they feel really nice in the hand.   As soon as you pick them up you can tell they are amazing quality. They are smooth and velvety with vibrant colours.  I think the best thing is that a little bit goes a long way.  For example with my prismas I am forever sharpening them because they are so soft the pencil wears down really quickly or they break off.  I have been using the Luminance pretty much every day for a week and this morning I had to sharpen 2 for the first time, not because they had worn down much but just to get a sharp point again.

It’s hard to describe what they feel like; the prismas just feel very soft when you use them, maybe a little bit too soft in some colours.  Sometimes it’s hard to fill in a small space because they are almost mushy a bit like lipstick (some colours feel softer than others).  The Luminance feel firm but they glide over the paper and you can press lightly  or harder to get different levels of vibrancy without the lead breaking. 

I just had a thought, could climate affect pencil consistency?  Here in sub-tropical Queensland would my prismas be softer than say someone in the chilly winter of England?  Could heat and humidity affect the pencil?  Will do some research on that and report my findings.

I can’t compare them to Polychromos yet as I am waiting on my delivery which should be here in a day or two. 

Of course as with any pencil the result you get depends on the quality of the paper as well.  I tried the Luminance on several different papers and they performed very well in all tests.

Now to buy these in Australia they are around $350 for 72 which lands in the super expensive category but I think these pencils will last a very long time and are a delight to use so I think I will continue to buy them a few at a time and built my colour range up that way.  

Colouring is my only hobby and I get a lot of pleasure and mental health benefits from it.  I enjoy using high quality materials, they feel beautiful in the hand and are wonderful to use so for me to spend $20 every so often to get a few new pencils is a lovely treat and well worth the money.

I believe that if you wanted to try these pencils and invested in a set or some individuals you wouldn’t be disappointed.



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