Very Sick Eyes



Haven’t posted much lately as my eyes have been so sick.  I am having terrible vision problems, pain and headaches.

I have 3 severe eye problems, keratocous, scleritis and corneal neovascularisation.  The blood vessels that are growing into my corneas are large and deep and go almost into the middle.  This in itself is affecting my vision but i have the added trouble in the left eye of the blood vessels leaking blood and therefore causing hazyness as the cornea is swollen. I have pretty much no vision at all in the left eye at the moment.

Every fortnight I have injections of Avastin into my eyes.  The left eye is fine, no trouble at all, but the right eye with the scleritis is so painful for 3 or 4 days after the injections.  Aparantly the pain is caused by scar tissue and inflammation.  Every second week is a write off and a nightmare.

I need corneal transplants in both eyes to restore my vision but whilst the blood vessels and scleritis are active I cant have it done.  In my doctors words, it would be a disaster as there  would be a 95% chance the new corneas would be rejected.

My doctor is trying so hard to fix my eyes but there is something going on with my body thats causing this and they cant figure it out.  I really am a medical mystery as I have had pretty much every test possible and they still cant find a cause.

Guess it could be worse but thats no consolation when i am struggling to see and live a normal life.

Good news is I am managing to stay mentally well, no sign of the black dog knocking on my door


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  1. Although I don’t have the eye issues that you described, I have had multiple symptoms that I finally figured out are related to migraines (constant motion sickness, sensitivity to odors/lights/sounds, inability to focus and find words, decreased coordination, pain in my whole upper body, heart palpitations, crinkly noises in my ears, brain fog, insomnia, etc.). Once I changed my diet, many of these symptoms resolved. I do still have occasional migraine pain, but even the severity of that has reduced. I’m posting about it if you want to visit. Perhaps, some of your unexplained health issues could be food related. No doctor ever could figure out what was wrong with me either. However, I’m not sure about a food causing eye problems to the degree you are experiencing. It’s an idea though. Maybe, foods are causing your headaches.

    Here is one of my first few posts about coming to terms with the diet:


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