My Favourite Adult Colouring Book – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



As you all know I am totally into colouring for enjoyment, relaxation and mental wellbeing.

My favoUrite book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Love my Alice book!


Its a really lovely book.  The pages are thick and it is printed on great quality paper.  The book contain the original illustrations from Sir John Tenniel so they are beautifully drawn and detailled.

I think what makes this book special to me is there is a story on every page, its not just a colouring book.  I am planning on saving it for future grandchildren if I can do a good enough job with the colouring.

I am waiting on a book to come called Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland, I am hoping I will enjoy it as much but I dont know that I will save it for the grand kids, would hate to give them nightmares lol

I highly recommend this book, its a beauty.

Until next time, have fun colouring!


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