I Have Been Pretty Much Blind This Week!



Have had a terrible eye week!  To cut a long story short last week I saw a specialist at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, she felt that my scleritis had been resolved with the azathioprine and rituximab and that it had morphed into something else.  There were 6 doctors in the room all taking turns in looking at my eyes and discussing me as though I wasnt in the room (dont you hate that!).  As you can see above my eyes are not looking the best!

Anyway on the back of that visit I saw my eye doc on Monday, he did scans, blood tests, corneal scrapings and eye biopsies in the hope that we  may finally get a diagnosis.  I was really sore for a couple of days after the biopsy and my vision clouded up in that eye, I assumed it was inflammation from the biopsy. As my other eye is also cloudy I am pretty much blind at this point.

Josh my eye doctor called me back in yesterday.  They hadn’t got the biopsy results back yet but the bloods were back and although they dont yet have a diagnosis they have ruled a lot of things out.  The corneal scraping shows that I have a bacterial keratitis so I am on antibiotics 6 times a day and steroids 4 times a day.  I am still pretty much blind at this point so my partner had to take me to the hospital. 

The cloudy vision is due to inflammation from the corneal neovascularisation – the steroids are for this, I also had an avastin injection in each eye.  This is really worrying me becuase at the beginning of the week my vision was clear in the right eye and overnight it went practically blind.  I have had to take the week off of work as I cant drive or see computer screens or paper, anything with a white background is a blur.  I can only write this becuase I changed the settings in my tablet to negative colours so the screen is black with white writing.

My vision is a little less cloudy today.  It has been so boring, I cant read or watch tv, I have just been lazing around trying to get better.  I did manage to get a shepherds pie in the oven for dinner, hopefully it will taste ok becuase I couldnt really see what I was making!

Back to the eye doc next Tuesday, I am hoping for a big improvement before then.


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