Feeling Blue More Eye Trouble



Feeling blue today, I feel like I am getting nowhere with my eyes, they just seem to keep getting worse.  Still have the opaque spot on my left cornea which I cant see out of at all.

Yesterday I saw a specialist in inflammatory eye diseases.  When I got there, there were 7 people in the room, 5 of them doctors waiting to take a look.  They all had their turn and then they huddled together talking about me like I wasnt even in the room.  Chief doctor then left the room to make a call to my eye doctor.

Bottom line is she feels that the scleritis has cleared up but has no idea why I still have red painful eyes and a hazy cornea.  She said im a medical mystery (I already knew that lol), and that my eye doctor needs to take a step back and start from the beginning looking at diseases other than scleritis.  Perhaps a type of keratitis.

Just got a call from my eye doctor, he is speaking to an immunologist today and then wants to see me on Monday morning to run some blood tests etc.  Hopefully something will show up that is treatable.  I realy hope so, I know im a tough old bird but I dont know how much more of this I can take.

I just need to know whats wrong with me, I need a diagnosis so I can read up on it, get a grip on it and beat it.


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