Its Time For A New Cornea



Saw my eye doctor yesterday regarding the loss of vision in my left eye.   Cant see a thing through it, its just a big white blur of nothingness.

The corneal neovascularisation has increased, the blood vessels growing into my cornea are quite big and go in deep.  The cornea shouldnt have blood vessels as it gains its oxygen supply from the atmosphere.  Its these vessels that are causing the vision loss, they are growing into the clear window and making it not clear anymore.

So the bottom line is I need a corneal transplant.  The bad news is I cant have one whilst my scleritis is active as it greatly increases the chance of rejection.   My scleritis has been active for 15 months so im not too convinced we are going to get it under control anytime soon.  I’m now on : 150mg Azathioprine, 5mg Prednisone, Rituximab infusion and Predforte drops 4 times daily. 

My doctor took a lot of detailed photos of my eyes and he is going to get a treatment plan off of a highly regarded uveitis/scleritis expert.  I also had an Avastin injection in each eye to try to stop the blood vessel progression.  We are doing all we can for now, I just hope the scleritis clears up soon so I can have my surgery.  I just want to be able to see, is that too much to ask!


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