Alice in Wonderland is Keeping Me Sane!



Am feeling a bit low right now, my eyes are in a shocking state and I cant see any end to it.  I still have practically no vision in the left eye, its just a white fog and the right eye is red and sore.  The combination of two severe eye diseases (keratoconus and scleritis) is taking its toll on them.

I had an orbital CT scan last Friday and I am seeing the eye doctor tomorrow hopefully to get some help.  I am really struggling at work,  reading paperwork and the computer screen is a real challenge at the moment.  Luckily I have the BEST boss, he is very in tune with my illness and helps me as much as he can.

Although it is a struggle to see I am finding my colouring really helpful.  My lovely partner got me a set of magnifying goggles with a light on and they have made so much difference.  Its so difficult to colour when you only have partial vision in one eye but I am still enjoying it and it takes my mind off of things.  This is my latest piece from Alices Adventures in Wonderland.  I think if I didnt have my colouring I would go nuts right now, it is very therapeutic. I also rely heavily on reading to keep my mental health stable.  I read on my tablet where I can make the text gigantic so that I can see it.  I am having to use a magnifying glass to see the screen on my phone and tablet at the moment so the eye situation is not good.

Hopefully will get some positive news tomorrow.  Sorry for any typos, im not seeing so well so its difficult! 


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