Not A Very Cheery Christmas!



Christmas started off as a bit of a disaster for me, I saw my GP on Christmas eve with chest pains and next thing I knew I was in the back of an ambulance on the way to hospital.  The disaster being we hadn’t done any of the grocery shopping for Christmas day dinner yet.  My poor partner and daughter had to do it all on their own and cook it all too as I was still in hospital on Christmas day.

They decided to keep me in and monitor me as there had been some significant changes on my ECG compared to the last one.  The EGC showed that my heart wasn’t getting enough oxygen and also my blood pressure was super high, at one point it was 210/145.  Good news, I wasn’t having a heart attack but there is a problem that needs sorting out so I have been referred to a cardiologist.  Like I need this on top of everything else that I have going on with my eyes.

Lets talk about the eyes for a second.  I have now had two Rituxan infusions and the eye might be marginally better, still have redness and a lot of pain.  I have also developed a swelling underneath the eye and my eye doctor now thinks that I could have Idiopathic Orbital Inflammatory Disease.  I have some tests later this week to check that theory out.  I have lost almost all vision in the left eye, looking through it is just like looking through a thick white fog. Don’t know whats going on there, probably need another injection to stop the corneal neovascularisation.  I am seeing the eye doctor early next week, so I will get it checked out then.

I am so over being sick all of the time, my GP said I need to go straight to the hospital to see the doctor at eye casualty as I have sudden vision loss in one eye. You know what, I’m over it and I can’t be bothered sitting there all day waiting to be seen so it can wait until next week.  Maybe a foolish move on my part but honestly 2015 was a shocker health wise and I am totally over it and the way things are shaping up already 2016 isn’t going to be much better.

I did manage to spread some Christmas cheer with my family it wasn’t all bad.  Once all the shopping and cooking was done I got released from hospital just in time to enjoy Christmas dinner with the family.  This is 2 years on the trot that I have been in hospital at Christmas, wonder what will happen next year!

Happy new year, hope it’s a healthy one for you all.


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