A Very Sad Day



Our family had some terribly sad news today; a family member has committed suicide.    Can suicidal behaviour run in families?  I ask because this person lost a parent to suicide some 25 years ago and has now gone down the same path.  My condolences and thoughts go out to the family, I really feel for them.  As a person with mental health issues this is often something I think about, in both good and bad ways. 

When I am feeling good and on top of the world I know I will never do anything like that to hurt my family so badly, but in the bleak times suicide is often at the fore front of my thoughts.  I have in fact had a couple of brushes with suicide myself in the past but over time as I have become stable and improved I can see how selfish an act suicide is.  Suicide is very final, there’s no second chance or backing out once it’s done.  It’s not courageous to kill yourself; anyone could do it if they wanted to.  What is courageous is staying alive and working through those battles that go on in your head and staying alive for your family.

I have made a commitment to never ever put my family through the horrific pain and loss that they are feeling today.  No matter how bad I am feeling, (thankfully that doesn’t happen often nowadays) but even if I am feeling terrible and suicidal I am going to go to my family and say I need help and keep me safe.

Please read this and make the comitmitment to never put your families through this.  If you are feeling suicidal speak to someone and get help.  You can also call lifeline on 13 11 14.  Keep yourselves safe and let’s all be here for many years to come and grow old with our loved ones.

Take care.

RIP SL, it was a pleasure knowing you, my thoughts are with your family at this sad time.



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  1. I won’t click “like”. It feels wrong. My condolences on your tragic loss. I’m not sure whether suicide runs in families, but I tend to believe that mental illness does. regards Greg


  2. This is such a hard post to reply to Like Greg Long said i won’t click like, but i do appreciate being able to read this, being in this state of depression is hard. But i choose life. Thanks for your words. I’m truly sorry for your lost.


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