Super Anxious Today 😟



I am having a terrible anxiety attack today, don’t know what’s caused it but I feel sick in my stomach with dread as though something bad is about to happen.  I can feel my heart thumping in my chest.  I can’t concentrate or focus on work so I have just taken a ten minute break to do some colouring to see if I can calm myself down.  Journaling usually helps too so I am hoping by writing this down it will help.

I hate having mental health problems, it is always there getting in the way, making me aware that I’m not normal.  It sucks big time.

I don’t have an anti-anxiety medication these days, my psych used to give me some but I became dependant on it so I weaned off and haven’t had any for several years.  Would be nice right now to have something to take to calm me down.  I do take Seroquel which is meant to help with anxiety and generally it does a good job but today it’s not helping much.

I hardly ever suffer with anxiety anymore because my meds are so well balanced so I am a little surprised I have it today. What’s going on?

Oh well, guess I need to suck it up and get on with my day I have work to do.  Think I am going to be the crazy colouring in lady today, roll on lunchtime!


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