Crappy Cataract Vision!



My cloudy vision is really starting to get on my nerves now.  The vision in the right eye is good, pretty clear and colours are crisp, but the left eye is hopeless.  The nearest thing I can find to it is the photo above of vision with a cataract.  Looking through a fog is really off putting and annoying, especially as one eye is normal so it feels really unbalanced.  It’s making it a bit tricky to do my colouring in so thats a bit of a pain.

I had an avastin injection in the eye yesterday to try and stop the blood vessel growth that is causing the problem.  Blood vessels are not meant to grow in the cornea but unfortunately they have in mine probably from the inflammation from the scleritis.

I asked my eye doctor if the vision would clear if they could stop the blood vessel growth and she said it might if we can get the vessels to shrink back, but it is unlikely that it will clear completely.  Of course it could get worse and then the only alternative is a transplant as I would lose sight in that eye altogether. Great that’s all I need!

It makes work a bit difficult too, I have started using a magnifying glass to read some paperwork and I have moved my computer screen closer to my face, I am practically sitting on top of it now.  I am managing though which is good.

Lets hope it doesn’t get any worse!  Have a good day.


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