Medic Alert Bracelets



I saw my rheumatologist on Monday and they have changed me over from Methotrexate to Azathioprine (Imuran).  Imuran is an immunosuppressant which will kill off my immune system to hopefully stop my immune system attacking my eyes. Reading the leaflet in with the med is quite scary the side effects are pretty horrible.  Let’s hope it helps my eyes and I don’t have too many side effects.  I will have to be careful around sick people and I need to wear sunscreen when I go out as I will be more prone to cancers.

I am on 50mg for two weeks, and then I get a blood test to make sure my bloods are ok then I go up to 100mg and then have another blood test two weeks later. Then I see my rheumatologist for a review.

Being on these strong chemo meds really got me thinking yesterday, if something happens to me and I have to go to hospital nobody would know the cocktail of drugs that I am on, many of which interact with other drugs, in particular the Imuran.

As I result of my thinking (oh why does thinking always cost me money!), I found via Google search a company called Medic Alert Foundation. You wear a bracelet with a telephone number to call and your membership number on and they hold a database with all of your medical history, drugs, next of kin, doctor’s details etc.  In the event of an emergency they can be contacted by medical personnel who will be able to get my medical details.  There is a yearly membership fee to stay on the database but the cost is negligible.

I thought this was a great idea, I didn’t like the cheaper stainless steel bracelets, I figured that if I was going to wear this bracelet every day I would have to really like it so I got a pretty sterling silver one.

It will give my family peace of mind to know that in the event of an emergency I can be taken care of properly because the medical team will have access to my history.  Makes me feel better too, kind of like a security blanket.

The bracelet will be with me in the next week or so and I have completed all of my details in the database so I am good to go ☺


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  1. It’s a good idea, I wear a gold SOS locket around my neck as I am severely allergic to all oral analgesic, and also on insulin, I didn;t like the clunky chain that came with it so I bought a fine gold chain, it also came with a sticker for my car windscreen saying driver wears an SOS alert, I feel a lot safer with it on…..

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    • I think I will too Marie, my cocktail of drugs has many interactions so could be bad if anything happened and I wasn’t able to tell them what i’m on, I know it will give my partner some peace of mind too if anything happens to me.


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