Souping & Bipolar



Well one day of my soup diet is under my belt and I went really well.   Didn’t suffer from any real hunger pains and the soup that I ate satisfied me.

Day 1
Breakfast – naval orange
Lunch – pumpkin soup
Snack – pear
Dinner- tomato, capsicum and bean soup

Chuck a couple of coffees in there too (can’t break all of my habits in 1 day!), and that was my day.

So, as that is a radically different diet to what I’m used to does anyone think it will affect my mental health?  I am pretty good mentally right now but I am hoping that an improved diet and some weight loss will make me even better.   My self esteem will definately get better.  I can’t see any reason why my mental health would suffer from eating this way, so as us aussies say, she’ll be right!

I have red lentil and bacon soup for dinner tonight, doesn’t look the best, rather like a brown sludge, but I think it tastes ok.  Hope so anyway or I will be down the take away! (Joking lol).  Maybe I should eat it with my eyes shut!


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  1. Just a thought but … remember that any diet change can temporarily upset your digestive system. Apart from the physical discomfort of digestive disturbances making you feel out of sorts, 90% of the bodies serotonin is produced by the gut (serotonin being one of the most recognized influences on mood) so if there is disturbance to the gut you may get temporary mood disturbances from that initially as well. – However, that said, any diet change that leads to improved gut flora (gut bacteria) must ultimately be a good thing 🙂


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