I Am Motivated, Step Out Of My Way!



Had a very positive meeting with my metabolic doctor this morning.  I have lost a kilo since my last visit.  Not much I know but considering I am on Prednisone I am happy with that.  I’m chipping away at it.  The important thing is I’m not gaining weight and I am exercising most days and eating better. Portion control (or lack of it) is a big deal for me but I think I have nailed it this week.  Finally I am serving my family up proper portion sizes and not over feeding them.

We discussed heart rate and the importance of being in the fat burning zone (60 – 65% of maximum heart rate) with bursts of activity in in the anaerobic zone (85% of maximum heart rate).  It was really interesting as I didn’t know anything about HR before this.

With the scleritis pain I have been wallowing in self-pity a bit, kind of grieving for my eyes, but I can feel myself moving out of that zone and into a more focussed and motivated one.  I feel I can work through the pain and keep going and really make a difference to my body and get healthier.

Today’s stats at 11am
Steps: 4,857 (a good start, well on the way to goal)
Distance: 3.43km
Stairs climbed: 12

I went for a walk this morning before my appointment and it was mostly uphill hence all the stairs climbed.  I want to get up to 25 sets of stairs today to earn another Fitbit badge so I need to find a hilly walk to do tonight.  All the badges and challenges are very motivating for me.

I feel good today, the pain is in check and I feel motivated to carry on my journey, normally I have given up by now (about 2 weeks in).

Have a good day all, happy walking!


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