Calling All Scleritis People



My endeavour to find someone to chat to with scleritis has been a big flop.  I know it’s fairly uncommon but I can’t be the only person out there suffering with this horrible disease.  My GP has never treated anyone with scleritis before so that’s a dead end.  I guess I could ask my eye doctor if he knows anyone who might be up for a chat.

I put a couple of posts out there on old scleritis forum posts and wrote a post on my blog, no likes or comments on either.  I would so love to chat with someone who is going through the same as me right now.  Chronic severe eye pain is such a debilitating thing, it’s hard to describe and it’s hard for my loved ones to understand how painful it can be.  They are so wonderful and are sympathetic but only someone with scleritis will know what I’m going through.

At the moment I have a flare up in the right eye and the left cornea is a little hazy due to the long term inflammation,  it’s like looking through a fog.

If anyone out there knows of anyone with scleritis who would be willing to have a chat, please could they contact me via my blog.  This is my last attempt, if I don’t get any responses I will just leave my scleritis page up on my blog and hope someone finds it one day.

Have a good day all.


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