Finally I Have Found My Groove!



As you all know I am trying desperately to lose weight.  It’s really difficult being on prednisone and psych meds all of which have a tendency to make you gain weight.  Also struggling with chronic eye pain has made it so difficult to be motivated to exercise.  Everything is going against me right now.

I am so pleased to be able to say that I have found my groove.  I have been following a carb detox eating plan for a few days and have been walking every day too.  I feel so much better already, much less bloated and I have more energy.  I am still struggling so much with the pain but I have made a commitment to myself to walk on all or most days even when I am in pain.

Like my post said a couple of days ago I am fed up with being miserable and in pain, I’m going to be happy and in pain.  I can do this; I get up and go to work every day even when I am in pain because I have to.  So if I can do that every day I am sure I can go for a walk!

Another good motivational tool for me is my new Fitbit.  I got the Charge HR and so far I am loving it.    I have always had a Fitbit since the One came out and really like the app, the badges and emails of encouragement etc.  It all helps to motivate me.  My partner and daughter have Fitbits too so we have been walking together and the dogs absolutely love it!

Let’s hope I can keep on track and stay motivated.  It is so easy to fall off of the wagon and slip back into old habits.  I need to consider my feelings before I cave in and go for the bag of chips.  How will I feel after I have eaten them after the enjoyment has worn off, pretty lousy I would say and very disappointed in myself.  Thinking of the consequences might just be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow (I hope!).

I’m going to weigh in once a week so I will let you know how I have gone next Wednesday.  Hopefully a couple of kilos will be gone.

Have a good day all and to all of you who are struggling to find you groove keep going, you will get there!


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  1. Oh I can relate with the bag of chips, I threw a cream cake in the sink and ran the tap once so I wouldn’t be tempted, problem was it still looked yummy. I think walking my dog helps me focus a lot, and I get to meet really nice people out walking their dogs as well, keep up the good work …Cheers….Marie

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