Let’s All Keep Talking



Recently I got my wires crossed with someone who I spend a lot of time with.  I misread a situation and made judgements based on those thoughts.  It turned out I was wrong and I feel bad about that.

I think communication is the key here, no matter how bad we are feeling we need to keep the lines of communication open so that confusion and assumptions don’t happen.  Talking is essential to good mental health and good relationships.

I have some serious stuff going on in my life with my eye health and my friend has a lot going on too and somewhere along the way we stopped talking and that’s where the confusions begins.  It puts niggling little doubts in your head, have I done something wrong?  Are you upset with me?  Then it builds up and gets out of proportion when really there is nothing wrong at all.  You just think there is.

The moral of this story is to keep talking.  It doesn’t do our mental wellbeing any good to bottle things up, it just makes us stressed and sad.

Keep talking people!


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  1. I hope this friendship can be mended, without my friends I would not be here today, I cherish each and everyone of them, we have fallings out, everyone does, but talking it out sure helps……keep your chin up…..Cheers…..Marie

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