To Continue Reading or Chuck It Out?



Do you battle through a book even though you may not be enjoying it?

I used to, I would be so determined to finish a book even if reading it was as painful as pulling teeth. But whats the point?  Reading should be enjoyable not a chore so why should we keep reading a book if we are not enjoying it.

I guess I used to think that I was at a slow point in the book and it would pick up again and get better, but it rarely did.  I think you know right from the start if you are going to like a book or not. Sometimes I know right from the first page if I am going to like an author’s style or writing or not.

Nowadays I don’t bother to battle through the books I don’t like.  There are so many great books out there why would I bother to waste my time and energy.  If I don’t like a book I simply stop reading and delete it.  I used to keep them in my bookshelf to maybe try again at a later date but I don’t even do that now.

I know what I like to read, I know the style of writing I like and I know the authors I like so I can’t go wrong, right?  Actually I can, there have been times when I have opened my favourite author’s new best seller and hated it.  That is so disappointing after anxiously waiting for it to be released but it happens occasionally.   On the other side of the coin, I have also trawled through the Kindle store or Play Store for hours looking for new authors to try and have found some gems that I have totally loved.

That’s the fun of reading, the excitement of searching and finding a new favourite author, downloading books at the touch of a button and it’s instantly there, hating a book and deleting it, loving a book and downloading more, it is all so great.  I love reading!

E-books are my favourite, love em!   Absolutely love virtual book shopping it is so much fun!   No more waiting for a book until I can get to the shops.  I can go book shopping anytime 24/7.  Yes I know I’m sad but I can’t help it I just love ebooks.  With my eye condition it is really difficult for me to read “paper” books, so Ebooks have enabled me to continue doing something that I adore as my eyesight gets worse.   Doesn’t get better than that!


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