A Bit of a Duggar Crisis


Generally I keep well away from politics and religion.  I have never been a religious person and this week I find myself a bit upset and confused.
I like to watch 19 Kids & Counting just to have an insight into a culture that is totally different to mine.  I find it quite fascinating to see how religious they actually are and how they lead their whole lives around their fundamental belief system.  Well with the news breaking that Josh Duggar has abused 5 young girls I am seeing the family in a whole different light.

Ok, so he was 14 when it started, please don’t tell me he was just a kid.  14 year olds know right from wrong and they certainly know it is wrong to molest their sisters in their sleep.  They say he made a mistake.  One time could possibly have been considered a mistake, but 5, no that’s not a mistake that’s abuse.  That’s the behaviour of a Pedophile.

I think what is upsetting me the most is all the support they are receiving from these religious nuts saying things like “Jesus died for our sins and god has forgiven him”, “God bless the Duggars”.   Quite frankly I think its all bullshit and reading some of the religious rantings that I am seeing on the net has made me glad I am an atheist.  They are making excuses for him and they really do seem to believe that God has forgiven him so that makes it all ok.

I feel so sorry for the kids, they have grown up having been smothered and isolated and having Jesus rammed down their throats at every turn.  The girls are never going to know what it is to have a normal life (having a career etc), they will all be married off to suitably religious guys and treated as brood mares having a kid every other year, what kind of a life it that!

Ok rant over, just had to get it off my chest as it has been really bothering me this week.  I think their show has been pulled off the air, but if it does come back on, I certainly won’t be watching anymore.

I usually put a photo up with each blog post but honestly I don’t know what to put up today so Im going to leave it photo free.  I certainly don’t want a photo of the Duggars staring at me every time I log on.

Just my opinion, feel free to agree or challenge me!



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  1. I agree with you Dawn. I have never seen that show and I never will. You can’t believe half of what they show on those reality TV shows just as you can’t believe half of what you hear in the media, especially entertainment media.

    By the way, I’ve been loving your posts of late. Keep up the good work.


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  2. I agree with you as well, it has never been a natural kind of life for them, I saw one show when Mom and Dad Duggar took Jill and her fiance out for dinner, and then read to them from a sex manual what to expect, how is that wholesome or natural ?? Marie

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