Teeny Tiny Hospital Gown Disaster



So I go for my bone density scan today and the skinny radiographer chick tells me to get undressed and gives me a gown to put on.

Well this gown would have fitted Ms Skinny Chick comfortably; no way was it fitting Mrs Chunky Rollercoaster!  Getting it on was like being in a strait jacket.  Seriously, she couldn’t see that I’m a bit on the fat side and would need a larger size gown?

I pull it on and wriggle like crazy until I can pull it down; it only went down so far by the way, probably to the top of my thighs.  Then the next problem I have is getting from the changing room to the scanner room without anyone seeing me.  I would have died for sure but luckily I darted across the hallway and made it without being seen.

I can’t believe the skinny scanner chick didn’t look at me and think WTF!  Honestly I looked a right sight, but she just acted as if everything was normal and I looked fine.  I guess they are trained not to “look” at people.

When I was laying on the scanner bed she was like “just breathe normally” and I’m thinking breathe normally, this gown is so tight I can barely suck a breath in!  I must have looked like a purple sausage bursting at the seams.

After the scan, a quick look left and right and made it back across the hallway, great :mrgreen:.  The final worry was getting the thing off again afterwards; you know how it is when something is really tight, trying to pull it off over your head is a nightmare.   Well anyway, a bit of wriggling and I got it off and was soon back in my own clothes.

So all in all it was a bit of a traumatic experience.  Next time remember: no underwire in my bra and no zips on my pants then I don’t have to get undressed and wear a gown!

Have a good day all!


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