Dealing with Moody



How hard is it to deal with moody people on a daily basis? It’s exhausting walking around on eggshells not knowing whether to make conversation or keep your mouth shut and let them get on with it.   It’s hard to know where you stand when one day you get a good morning, another day you get grunted at and some days you get nothing at all.

People can be moody for all sorts of reasons, hormonal changes, personal problems at home, work problems, we all have problems and we all deal with them in different ways but when you start to let your moods affect other people then it becomes a problem.  One moody person in a room can affect the balance and wellbeing of every other person in that room.

So how should we deal with a moody person?

I guess we should just go about our business and act normally after all its nothing personal, it’s their problem not mine.  I should keep my distance and do not pay the moodiness any attention but be there for that person if they do want to talk.

I read a really good tip on My Self Improvement Daily, it says: –

Learn to ignore the negative mood.  Pretend the other person isn’t moody at all.  Just go about your day as if nothing were wrong.  We can’t control others, but we can control our reactions to them.  With practice, it becomes easier than you think.  The moodiness of others doesn’t have to have a big impact on you.

So that is pretty much what I was thinking, carry on and do not take any notice of it.  Right, I can do that!

Have a good day everyone.



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