An Eye Injury – Ouchies!



A couple of days ago I was taking my scleral lens out and scraped it across my cornea by mistake – Man it hurt!

I have got very delicate corneas due to the keratoconus which has made them thin and liable to easy damage.  As you can see here there is some bleeding under the cornea at the point where I scraped it.  My eye is still a little bit red from my scleritis flare up too so right now my left eye is not very comfortable.

Bleeding in the cornea like this is called Hyphema and it is a collection of blood in the anterior chamber between the cornea and the iris.  Already it has started to be absorbed so it wasn’t too bad an abrasion, although I have grazed my cornea before and never had it bleed so I must have hit it pretty hard.

I am seeing my eye doctor tomorrow and have a couple of things to discuss that are a real problem for me ….

Since I got scleritis my eyes have become ultra sensitive, I can hardly bear to wear my lenses, I am in pain all day every day unless I take painkillers which just take the edge off of it..  I am hoping that he has some suggestions regarding this sensitivity. This is a really big deal as I have to wear my lenses to have any type of quality of life as I cannot get any vision in glasses.  Without my lenses I can’t drive, work, read, watch TV, go shopping, in fact I can’t do anything.

The photophobia is a killer, I have to wear two pairs of sunglasses to go outside and even then my eyes are so light sensitive I can hardly stand it.  In the bright Aussie sunshine this too is a big deal.  Driving to work in the bright morning light is horrendous.  By the time I get to work I am really stressed and my eyes are killing me.

As you can see I still have a way to go until my eyes are fixed.  Well they will never really be fixed but I hope that we can make them better than they are now.

I am longing for the day when they can perform full eye transplants.  It would be so great to get rid of my diseased ones and get a new pair. With technology the way it is, that’s got to be close don’t you think?   I can cope with having the keratoconus, it is the scleritis that has really hit me hard so roll on the day I get those new eyes!


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