My Crazy World!



So this is how crazy my world is right now …..

I wear contact lens so that I can see, I wear glasses over the contact lenses so I that can see better, I wear sunglasses over the glasses and another pair of sunglasses over the whole lot!

The photophobia is so bad the only way I can get myself out of the house in the morning to go to work is to wear two pairs of sunnies, totally crazy right.

It was my partners bright idea to wear two pairs of sunnies and it really did make a huge improvement.  Still a bit glary but so much more comfortable, I could actually drive with my eyes fully open!

Eyes are looking a little better as they are not so red but they still hurt.  Since I got the scleritis my eyes are much more sensitive and I am struggling to wear lenses.  By the end of the day my eyes are so over having those plastic discs shoved in them for extended periods.  Not much I can do about that though, with the keratoconus I have no option but to wear lenses as glasses on their own don’t give me any useful vision as my cones are just too steep.  Wonder what options I have for not wearing lenses?  Probably just corneal transplants, then I still might have to wear lenses, no guarantee I could just get away with glasses.  Will need to speak to my eye doctor about that.

What I need is for the doctors to perfect a full eye transplant, which would be amazing.  I wonder how many years away that is?  Think I would put my order in for a pretty pair of blue ones!

In the meantime I will continue to battle onwards as I sure as hell won’t let this thing beat me!


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