The Crazy Bipolar Book Lady



Does anyone else get obsessed with things and go on crazy buying sprees?

Argh I have this thing about books. I have to have more than one book (more like more than 10) or I panic and worry that when I have finished a book I won’t have anything to read – crazy right?

So I have 14 new books in my Kindle library and 11 new books in my Google Play Books library, do you think that’s enough?  No, I’m still looking at more books ….. geez how many books can I read at once!

Seriously, I do think that I can stop at 25 new books; I don’t think that I will be getting any more until I have read a few of these ones but it could really be a problem.  Can anyone else relate?

I know when we are a bit manic we can go on spending sprees and I think I do spend more when I am normal/up and less when I am down but I find it very interesting that I am fitting these stereotypical ideas of bipolar.  I always thought that my bipolar was really mild and I didn’t do any of the crazy stuff but when I think about it I do.  I am classically bipolar!

Just one more day on the crazy roller coaster called life!

Happy reading!


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  1. I do that often!! I’ve went book crazy as well, downloading Kindle and buying endless books. Recently it was an online shopping spree where I bought cowboy boots, loads of makeup, leopard print shoes and a matching bag, a wallet, etc.


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