Haemolacria? (Bleeding from the eye)



I had a scare on Saturday, my eye started bleeding!  As you can imagine I was totally freaked out.  I had a little bit of blood on Friday evening, and didn’t really think much of it.  Went to bed woke up on Saturday morning with blood all round my eye.  The eye was white with no sign of injury, and then I noticed that the blood appeared to be coming from the area of my tear ducts.

On Sunday I had a little more bleeding, but nowhere near as much as on Saturday.

What the heck is that about!

Of course I went to consult with Dr Google as you do, but there is very little information on the web about bleeding eyes, as far as I can tell it is very rare.   There is a condition called Haemolacria where people have bled tears from the eyes but I’m pretty sure I don’t have that, as it appears to have been an isolated case and not an ongoing thing and it only bled in the left eye and not both.  Talking of isolated cases, I do recall that this happened to me once a couple of years ago, but then it never happened again until now so I forgot about it.

I’m wondering if I have an infection or broken blood vessel causing the bleeding, according to Wikipedia that could cause it.

Another thought … maybe the Methotrexate caused the bleeding.  I read the consumer information leaflet that came with the pills and bleeding can occur, mostly nose bleeds or bleeding gums but hey I always have to go one step further and be different so why not bleeding from the eye!  That’s a question for my Rhumatologist.

I see my Opthalmologist in a couple of weeks so I will mention it to him then, he will probably be really excited about having something so unusual come up, he loves a challenge!  If it happens again before my appointment I will of course go and see him sooner.

This is just one more thing to add to my long list of ailments and yet another thing to worry about.  I reckon I should have my own TV show about medical mysteries as I have so much going on and not many answers!

Still riding that roller coaster!



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